Chrome Canary Download Offline Installer

Chrome Canary download Offline Installer: Google has recently launched a new version of Google Chrome named “Chrome Canary” by Google Inc. Google Chrome has 4 unique kinds of a browser which is intended for several unique personalities. We call them as “Google Chrome Offline Installers“. They are

  1. Chrome
  2. Chrome Beta
  3. Chrome Dev
  4. Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary is recently updated version of Google. They are mainly built for the experimental purpose of  Google’s flagship browser. This latest version ‘Chrome Canary’ will get the updates faster than any other browser version of Google. Download Chrome.

Why Google Call them as Chrome Canary?

Why does Google call this newly released browser as Canary? Are you amazed! Wait, let me explain you the theory of it. Google is actually referring the older  technique of using canaries in coal mines. Do you know what is meant by coal mine? If not, then listen. Coal miners are used to bringing canaries down in the mines as a precaution. If any kind of deadly gas arose, then the canary would be the first to die. If the canary died, then it would be a good idea to leave the mine immediately.

Chrome Canary Downloads Latest Version 2016 | Offline Installer

Download and install Chrome Canary 2016 on your browser. Get the latest version of canary’s offline installer. Google’s Chrome Canary latest version can get the faster updates than any other browser. But here is a problem in it. The Canary is less stable. They can be used to test many cutting edge features than the developer’s build. Google Chrome will block this version from the developer build. Canary will auto-update its feature and specification. You will get often update from google.If you are having trouble, then work with the other version of Google browser.

Chrome supports multiple channels with the degree of stability and support.It is the most bleeding edge version of Google Chrome. It is commonly intended for developers and the adopters, but there is no issue with the usage of other. You can install them and give a try.

At first, chrome Canary channel was only available for Windows and Mac. But now it is available for Android. Download Chrome Canary for Android 2016 latest version for free. This platform is built with the recent code and has a unique enhancement, feature, and the specification. The bugs are fixed in its newer version. These builds are shipped with no manual testing. Chrome Canary build can be unstable and can stop working for days. The team is working hard to remove major bugs from their build. The frequency of the build will get updated more than 100MB per week.

Difference Between Canary and Chromium ( Canary Vs Chromium)

Canary: Chrome Canary is the latest version of chrome browser. You don’t need to manually update your browser anymore.It is because they can be auto-updated. It is available for other platforms like Mac and Windows Phone. It is now available for Android devices too.

Chromium: It is the version of four different browsers. Each browser is meant for different intended people. Chromium has Canary, Dev, Beta and Stable versions on their browser. It is periodically built and checked by an automation (BuldBot).

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Google Chrome Offline Installers

  1. Chrome Stable: For Win x32 bit, tap Download. For Wind x64 bit, tap Download.
  2. Chrome Beta: For Chrome Beta 32bit, tap Download. For Beta 64bit, tap Download.
  3. Chrome Dev: For Dev 32bit, tap Download. For Dev 64bit, tap Download.
  4. Chrome Canary: For Canary 32bit, tap Download. For Canary 64bit, tap Download.

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