Mobdro for Kodi Error – Fix Errors and Check Log on Kodi Add-ons

Fix Mobdro Kodi Error: We all know that Mobdro Kodi 2017 is one of the best video streaming software online available on the internet. Using Mobdro for Kodi, we can watch latest movies, videos, serials, programs and other popular channels. It is also available for other platform devices like Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows PCMac, iOS, and Kodi. If you don’t have Kodi, then download Kodi Addon here for free.

Everything is fine with the Kodi Add-ons but sometimes unusually we get an error message on the screen. Many of the users face this problem regarding unknown errors and not working issues with Mobdro Kodi.

I knew that facing such issues by users are really horrible. With regards, I’m glad to solve this issue that normal people face while they access. So, I have written an article for you to fix all the issues regarding Kodi. By reading the below article, your problem will get solved.

Why there is an error on Kodi Add-on?

The most popular Kodi software will get an unusual error message. This is a common error message that Kodi user may actually get when they access them. Why there is an error? What is the problem in it? Well, the issue is not at from the user side.

Download Mobdro for Kodi

The error may sometimes occur when Mobdro Kodi server was not able to handle the load of heavy streaming. Actually millions of user are using Mobdro for Kodi add-ons online and this makes the server loads heavy and corrupt. Due to this, the Kodi user may get an error message. But if you check after some time, you will not get this issue.

If the error is not from the Kodi server then I recommend you to uninstall the Kodi software and reinstall them on your device. This may sometimes give you an impact on fixing the error message. I have tried this trick and I have got fixed. You should update all your versions on Mobdro Kodi Addons.

Mobdro is not only for Kodi, it is also available for Mobdro for Firestick TV (Amazon). You can download and install Mobdro video downloader to watch online TV serials, movies, videos and music on bigger screen. Enjoy streaming it online.

You should update all your versions on Mobdro Kodi Addons. Due to the older version, we may face some issues like an error message and not working. To solve this issue, update your older version with the newer one. Once you update, you will never get any error message.

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How to Fix Error on Kodi?

  • First of all, update your software version to fix all the old bugs. Sometimes the older version may cause trouble. Update your versions to fix them immediately.
  • You will get an error message on Kodi when the server crashes. This may be caused due to heavy load. You can’t do anything with the server side. So, by manually you can’t fix it.
  • If you get an unusual error message on your Kodi add-ons, then uninstall the software and reinstall them. This may fix the issues sometimes.
  • Download the updated new version of Kodi to avoid all the issues related to it.
  • Parse Error Message: This error will occur if your android version doesn’t support Kodi version. Your android device version must be above 4.1 to support Kodi. Try after updating it.
  • Check your Connection: This error message will appear only when your internet connection is slow. Mobdro Kodi requires a minimum speed to stream videos, movies and much more on Kodi addons.

How to Check Kodi’s Log File?

You can check Kodi’s log file using Log viewer. Download Log viewer for Kodi without leaving Kodi in Kodi’s official repository. I’ll show you how to do this. Follow my instruction as mentioned below.

Step 1: Select ‘System‘ on the Home Screen.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 2: Then select Add-ons.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 3: Now, Click ‘Install from repository

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 4: Then select Kodi Add-on repository.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 5: Go to ‘Program add-ons’

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 6: Scroll the list to find ‘Log viewer‘ to install.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 7: Click ‘Install‘ button. Now, you have downloaded and installed Log Viewer on Kodi.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 8: Now, go back to home screen and click ‘Programs‘.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 9: Then select ‘Log viewer for Kodi’ to check the log file of Kodi.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

Step 10: Click ‘Show Log’ to view the file on Kodi.

Mobdro Kodi Check Log

I guess, now your problem is solved. If you have any further queries, please leave a comment below. Give your feedback. Thank you.

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